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When Every Drop Counts – Breast Milk Saving Made Easy – Effortless Manual Breastfeeding Suction Pump – Baby Finger Toothbrush Included-100% Food Grade BPA Free FDA Silicone-Flexible & Lightweight

Best Breast milk Saver!

You you will be pleasantly surprised by how well this manual breast pump works! It’s genius!

Enjoy Motherhood And Save Yourself Time And Effort Thanks To The Ultimate Manual Breastfeeding Pump!

If you have been looking for an effective, safe and easy way to effortlessly provide your baby with breast milk at all times, your quest stops here!

The BaBy ANiGO manual breastfeeding pump is exactly what you need!

Get An Amazing Baby Finger Toothbrush With A Storing Case

Along with the manual breast pump, you will receive a baby finger toothbrush to help you with your growing little angle oral needs, with a storing case FOR FREE!

100% Food Grade, Highly Flexible Silicone Construction Featuring No Moving Parts

Do not settle for low quality breast pumps!

This top notch hand breastfeeding pump is entirely made of 100% pure, BPA and PVC free and FDA approved silicone which is the best choice for you…

$25.95 $11.95

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